Ironwood Tree Dedication in Sunnidale Park

The Barrie Garden Club is very pleased to announce the planting of an Ironwood tree in Sunnidale Park, located in Barrie, that was purchased with a grant from the Ontario Horticultural Association. The scientific name is Ostrya virginiana.


The club has dedicated the tree in honour of Canada’s 150th celebration in July 2017. The tree will be highlighted in conjunction with the walk-about and tree information session to be provided by Kevin Rankin, arbourist from the City of Barrie, at the member meeting event on July 4th, 2017.


The tree is located slightly to the right of the path as you walk east from the Tranquility Garden. The Barrie Garden Club will co-ordinate signage in the near future.

The Ironwood has simple, alternating oval-shaped leaves with sharp teeth that are successively larger towards the end of a growing shoot. Male flowers, called catkins, hang in early spring to release pollen. This tree may also be called hop hornbeam, because the maturing clusters of fruit looks like hops. Older trunks have rough, peeling strips of grayish-brown bark.If planted in full sun on lighter soils, ironwood benefits from a large ring of bark mulch up to 8 cm deep and supplemental watering to prevent leaf scorch in midsummer. Ironwood may be slow growing but it has the densest, hardest wood of any native tree species. For more information, please visit:


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